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An independent comedy-drama film in development that speaks directly to baby boomers who find themselves as caregivers.

The first feature from ZAG Media Productions portrays a formerly famous bandleader attempting to resurrect his career with a musical about his colorful life—but risks losing the home of his Alzheimer-stricken mother in the process.  See Sugarcoated - The Movie

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Danger Word

An independent horror short film about survivors of the zombie plague, starring Frankie Faison as a man trying to keep his 13-year-old granddaughter (Saoirse Scott) alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Huffington Post says that with Danger Word, “the zombie thriller is being reinvented as an extended metaphor with special messages for the black community.”

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Death in the Family

This independent narrative short explores how one family comes to terms with the grief that follows the loss of a  loved one.

A mother dies of breast cancer, leaving her family distraught. The mourning father receives a fateful call from an old girlfriend —and the choice he makes forces his daughters to realize they are on their own.

Zainab Ali

Zainab Ali is a producer of independent film and television with a background as a project manager and senior recruiter for major corporations including Gap Inc., Charles Schwab, and Gensler. A lifelong film enthusiast, Z's goal is to inspire cinematographers, writers, directors, and investors to collaborate on stories that transcend boundaries. Her credits include: executive producer on Sugarcoated, a feature film starring Coati Mundi (now in pre-production); line producer for the upcoming horror short Danger Word; and executive producer of Death in the Family.

Photo of Zainab Ali of Zag Media Productions